The Story Behind Chin Lin Sou

The amazing life of Chin Lin Sou, one of my favorite supporting characters in Gold Digger, the Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor.

"Chin" as he was called in the novel was the real great-grandfather of my friend, James Chin! Chin Lin Sou was the labor boss of the Chinese miners in Central City the years Baby Doe lived there, 1878-79. This made him a very important man, since he was the only one who could speak English and Chinese.

Americans imported 300,000 Chinese MEN to work in the mines and on the railroad. Problems arose when Causacians did not understand or accept the Chinese culture, religion, food and customs. Race prejudice came to a head in the Hop Alley riots in Denver, in 1880, whichvirtually destroyed Chinatown, mainly caused by whites who feared their jobs would be taken by the laborers who moved from California.

Pi-Xiu carved symbol of wealthIn Gold Digger, Chin wears a costume of Pi Xiu, the protector when he protects Baby Doe and later saves her life.

This is an example of using two related facts and making a story about them that illustrates the violent times and the personalities of the characters.

Chin is honored to have a stained-glass portrait in the Denver capitol!

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