Gold Digger, The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor is free on Kindle August 23-25.

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Here is what Publisher's Weekly Booklife prize said about the historical fiction telling the story of the real-life Baby Doe Tabor:

"An engaging and beautifully-written story, this fact-based novel celebrates the endurance of the human spirit in one woman's determination to survive."

Plot: Based on a real-life historical figure, this embellished fictional story details the life of Elizabeth McCourt Tabor, aka Baby Doe Tabor, a strong and determined woman who overcame tremendous hardship to survive. While the bones of the plot are based on facts, the author does an admiral job enhancing the tale and holding the readers interest throughout.

Prose: The author is a gifted writer, weaving a tale from the 19th century that is not only interesting to modern-day readers but which seamlessly balances elements of fact and fiction.

Originality: Despite being based on actual events, this work tells a story few will know. The author blends historical verisimilitude with intrigue, making the story richer and more engaging. The author truly makes the story her own.

Character Development: Lizzie is a vibrant character whose personality shines through from page one, as she presses her evasive husband for information about their destination. Her determination, astuteness, and sheer will permeate the page. Secondary characters are similarly well-crafted.

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