Gold Digger: The remarkable Baby Doe Tabor

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The rags-to-riches-to-rags story of Elizabeth McCourt Tabor

(published 2019)

GOLD DIGGER is the story of a remarkable twenty-year-old who came west for a gold mine, found herself abandoned and pregnant and working the mine alone.

Baby Doe was meant to be a legend!

Elizabeth McCourt was just twenty years old when she moved from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Colorado to work a gold mine with her new husband, Harvey Doe.

Little did she expect to be abandoned and pregnant and left to manage the gold mine alone. But that didn't stop her! She moved to Leadville and fell in love with a married prospector twice her age.

Horace Tabor struck the biggest silver vein in history, divorced his wife and married Baby Doe. Though his new wife was known for her beauty, her fashion, and even her philanthropy, she was never welcomed in polite society.

Discover how the Tabors navigated the worlds of wealth, power, politics and scandal in the wild days of western mining.

Praise for GOLD DIGGER

"10 out of 10! An engaging and beautifully-written story, this fact-based novel celebrates the endurance of the human spirit in one woman's determination to survive."
Publisher's Weekly Book Life Prize

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[GOLD DIGGER] "is an accomplished and absorbing novel … Rosenberg brings forth a fine historical inspired by Elizabeth McCourt Tabor, better known as Baby Doe, whose rags-to-riches and back to rags again story made her a famous figure in history. The skillful plotting and richly-crafted characters get readers immediately drawn in. Rosenberg's poignant account delivers a stunning historical, and the open-ending climax makes readers wait eagerly for the next installment."
The Prairies Book Review

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"A gripping story of female grit and resilience. Baby Doe has a wonderful, indomitable spirit, and Rosenberg brings her physical and emotional challenges vibrantly to life."
Historical Novel Society

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