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A new crop of American farmers

Lavender Fields of America book cover

(softcover edition published 2022)

A stunning pictorial look at the modern, yet ancient, phenomenon of lavender

From Hawaii to the East Coast, the fields of three hundred enterprising American farmers who grow the herb, including authors, Rebecca and Gary Rosenberg, are featured.

The distinctive lavender farms are influenced by each farmer's background, personal style and point-of view. The settings, types of plants and characteristics of the farms vary as much as do Americans.

Despite challenges from harsh winters to draught to rocky soil, the farmers have all gravitated to the beneficial lavender plant, and persevered in finding the right lavender cultivars and perfecting methods of planting and maintenance. Their lavender products have practical uses: relaxation, pain relief, insect repellant, air freshener, antiseptic and more.

Dozens of full-color photographs of American lavender fields. Softcover, 8" x 11", 112 pages.

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Lavender fields beneath Mt. ShastaBlooming lavender fields beneath Mt. Shasta
Sonoma lavender field in bloomSonoma lavender field in bloom
Lavender being dried on wooden racksRacks of drying lavender